Advanced Materials

  • Application of SBIC's proprietary new material with excellent balance between hardness and impact strength
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and impact resistance compared to competitive materials (alloy design optimized for the purpose of use)
  • Stable material quality through automated heat treatment process and strict quality control
  • Verification of superiority compared to competitor materials through actual use data in various tests and fields
Mechanical Properties
TS, YS, El, Hardness, CVN
Wear Resistance
Sand Abrasion Test(ASTM G65)
  • SA510 / Tooth, Shroud

    Optimal combination of high hardness
    (for wear resistance) and excellent impact strength (for system robustness)

  • SA410/ Adapter, Heel Shroud

    Ensuring proper hardness and excellent impact strength for alloy design with adequate weldability and excellent impact resistance

  • ASTM G65 Sand Abrasion Test
Mechanical Properties

Comparison of Mechanical Properties between SBIC New Alloy and Competitors

  • Hammerless Locking System
    • · Easy & Safe : Hammeriess
    • · Reliable
    • · Reusable Locking Parts
    Decrease Down Time
  • SBIC Superior Materials
    • · High Wear Resistance
    • · High Impact Strength
    • · Extending Useful Life
    Decrease Maintenance Cost
  • Optimum Shape Design
    • · Various Option
    • · Efficient Work
    • · Extending Useful Life
    Increase Machine Productivity
Field Test Overview
  • Test period
    • From April, 2018 to present (more than 40 months)
    • Total test time (cumulative) over 10,000 hours
  • Machine
    • Total 8 excavator
    • HITACHI EX3600, EX2600, EX1900, ZX870, ZX470
      KOMATSU PC2000, PC1250, CAT 532F, HCE R8000 etc.
  • Used GETs
    • Tooth : over 500 parts
    • Adapter : over 100 parts
  • Test Field
    • South Korea, Finland, Indonesia
    • Granite Quarry, Road Construction Site, Coal Mine

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