Ethics Charter

  • Firstly,

    We help the development of the national economy through continuous job creation and sincere tax payment,
    take the lead in environmental protection by thoroughly complying with all environment laws and regulations, and contribute to society through cultural and welfare business.

  • Secondly,

    We respect each employee as an independent human being, thereby achieving a mature organizational culture
    with mutual trust and understanding, and prevent disgraceful things such as sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • Thirdly,

    We actively cooperate for mutual growth by establishing a coexistence and co-prosperous partnership with our business partners .
    Based on business, we do not receive any money, gifts, responses, discount sponsorship, etc. from customers, partners,
    and all other external customers. We do not use our position to make any solicitation or pressure that violates ethical standards.

  • Fourthly,

    We create a trusted and honest corporate culture by handling all tasks on a transparent basis and maintaining a fair trade relationship
    that guarantees mutual profits under transparent trading conditions with all business partners, including customers and clients.

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