Management Philosophy & CI

A company that contributes to mankind with the best products based on talent and technology

Management Philosophy

  • A better future is
    possible only with talent.

    With respect for humans,
    we will create a workplace where
    all employees can maximize their autonomy
    and creativity and feel rewarded.

  • We can live only in the
    condition of customers exist

    We will always put ourselves in customers' shoes
    and prioritize customer satisfaction
    and faithfully implement our role
    as a partner to grow with customers.

  • Good companies
    make a good society.

    We will be a good company that receives trust
    and respect by contributing to the development
    of human society with
    voluntary participation and service spirit.


Symbol Mark

Our symbol mark expresses our huge universe, namely, the infinite market as an O shape, the first initial W from World, which means the world we exist, and A, which means the world's best company. It implies our strong will to develop into the world's best company.

The holy golden color shows our philosophy that produces the best products and put priority on customer satisfaction.

The logo symbolizes Sungbo, which has walked through the right path as a manufacturing company while pursuing customer satisfaction with the best quality, and embodies our will to reach around the world with the best quality suitable for the global age.

  • #FCAF17
  • #1E3588
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