Safety and Health Policy

Safety and
Health Policy

A safe workplace based on the management with respect for humans

Sungbo conducts organized and systematic safety and health management activities in taking corporate social responsibility and planning and promoting all business activities for the well-being of workers.

  • Voluntarily participate and practice
    by establishing a safety and health management system

  • 02

    Comply with safety and
    health laws and regulations

  • 03

    Establish a safety culture that prevents,
    discovers, improves,
    and practices risk factors

  • 04

    Realize a safe workplace through
    safety and health goals setting and
    periodic performance evaluations

  • 05

    Systematically conduct education and
    training for all executives and employees
    to achieve safety and health policies and goals

  • 06

    Achieve no disaster through
    active communication and
    mutual respect of stakeholders

All members should be familiar with the above matters and actively participate and make efforts in safety and health management activities by researching and developing risk-reducing technologies and production methods, and applying them to production and various activities.

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